Become a Private Money Master

Getting over the hump and completing your first deal isn't easy. There's the initial fear of doing something entirely new. Beyond these hurdles, there are other considerations whether you're a beginner investor, an experienced investor, or somewhere in between.

As you know, the biggest challenge in real estate investing is having the funding to make deals.

So if you:

  • Lack capital for your deals
  • Experience bad credit or no credit
  • Can't get banks to finance you
  • Hate the thought of giving all your profit away to hard money
  • Have zero experience in Real Estate Investing
  • Or, simply have avoided getting started in real estate investing because you’re uncertain where the money will come from to fund your deals...

Then, through the Private Money Mastery program, you will learn how to get 100% of the money needed to close all of your real estate deals.

—Ryan Morehead

I watched all the videos from home, and after 2 or 3 months I was able to close on my first deal without using any of my own money. The investor lent 75% on the deal with 10% interest only with 5-year balloon payment. I made $2,000 at closing after fees and rehab, and I’ll make over $300 a month in cash flow with the property as a rental.

My name is Brant Phillips and I am a real estate investor. With over 12 years of real estate investing experience, I am a business owner, coach, mentor, realtor, and bestselling author. The Private Money Mastery program teaches you how to secure funding and how to gain quick access to capital. You’re going to learn what took me years to perfect through trial and error, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I made.

Brant Phillips

Take a look at some properties I've closed using this approach:

La Entrada

Purchase Price: $96,000
Repair Cost: $19,000
ARV: $159,000
Amount borrowed: $115,000
Terms of the loan: 8% + 1 point

Profit: $31,541

Found this property through a motivated seller who was marketing the home through flyers. This cheap flip capital came in at 8% + 1 point.


This was a 4plex rental property I bought from an investor. The private capital terms were 5% Interest, zero points. There was zero credit check and zero out of pocket costs. It cash-flowed about $600 a month and I sold it exactly one year later.

Purchase Price: $145,000
Repair Cost: $0
ARV: $175,000
Amount borrowed: $145,000
Terms of the loan: 5%

Profit: $21,271

Rain Barrel

Purchase Price: $139,900
Repair Cost: $50,611
ARV: $249,000
Amount borrowed: $190,511
Terms of the loan: 10% + 1 point

Profit: $29,397
Rain Barrel

This deal came from a wholesaler. Purchased: January / Sold in July.

Private Money vs. Hard Money

Private Money
Hard Money
Low interest rates and no points are common
High interest rates and points are common
Qualifications are removed
Credit score, tax returns, and bank statements are reviewed
Fast process
Slow process

The Focus Is on Developing Win-Win Relationships

Private money is money put up by individuals—people like you and me—who are looking for alternative investments to help their money grow and earn higher returns than it would through traditional investments like CDs, bonds, retirement plans, and the stock market.

On the lender’s side, because the loan is backed by real estate, there’s a real, stable asset protecting them which makes for an attractive investment opportunity. On the investor’s side, private money removes all restrictions that banks and hard money lenders impose on you. It removes the qualifications you need to meet with your credit score, with your tax return, and with your bank account. Most of the time, it removes the points you have to pay and the ridiculous interest rates you’d be paying hard money lenders. And it’s fast!

That’s because private money is driven by relationships. Not by transactions. I actually sometimes refer to private lending as relationship lending.

With private money, anytime we come across a good deal, we can buy it.


Private Money Mastery

Private Money Mastery is where serious investors learn how to raise private money for their deals. This is the system I created to train my staff and students and it’s the same one I use myself for all of my deals. Private Money Mastery takes you step-by-step on how to find and develop relationships with private money lenders. It will teach you what you need to know to be successful, and what you need to know to stay out of trouble. I’ll show you the systems, the documents, and lots and lots of tips.

Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ll cover:

  1. Financing Overview: You'll get an overview of financing options for real estate investors. If you don't have financing, you can't do the deal. But, not having money is not a valid excuse to not get started. We'll lay out the options available to you and help you pick the best strategy for your reality today and align it with your goals.
  2. Private Money Fundamentals: My main goal with this training is to teach you how to attract lenders into your life, and teach you the A to Z of private money so you can avoid mistakes before you consider connecting with private lenders. Private lending is based on building a relationship with trust and I'm going to help you attract lenders and close the deal with them.
  3. Where to Find Private Money: Private money lenders are hiding in plain sight. In this section, I'll show you how to find them and how to engage in a conversation with them. Plus, I'll even show you how to tap into private lenders with cash to spend who have already raised their hands asking for deals to fund.
  4. The Pitch and The Rules: Not everyone is going to be your ideal lender, and it's okay to say “no” to lenders who aren't a good fit. I'll teach you what questions to ask and what to include in your pitch to get the conversation going.
  5. The Process, Credibility, and Opportunity: There's a lot you need to know about what you can and can't do when talking to and marketing for private money lenders. The biggest tip? Don’t ask for money. In this section, I'll tell you why. I'll also explain the process for investing in a property when using a private money lender, including the mistake you must avoid.

And much, much more!

You'll also get the documents you'll need to present and close deals to private lenders, including the credibility kit, which is the secret weapon helping you to gain the trust of potential lenders.

Don't know what to say to private money lenders? I'll give you scripts to get the conversation going. Follow up with lenders via email using my follow-up templates. These are super helpful especially in the beginning when you're not sure how to approach lenders or confident enough to answer their questions. Just get familiar with these and you'll be good to go.

Remember what I said about educating lenders? Want to show them how much money they will earn on the deal? Use the return calculator to show lenders how much they will earn by investing in your deal. This is a great way to seal the deal with any lender you're talking to. Once they see what they're bound to make, they'll listen to you and fund you.

You'll also get my 90-day success plan so that you know exactly what you should be doing each day to get your next deal funded. This is a step-by-step guide to success. We've figured out the formula to success for you, now all you have to do is follow it.

After you complete all lessons, you'll become a certified Private Money Master. Add this certificate to your credibility kit and use it to impress your private lenders even more.

A question we often receive is what if I have additional questions or get stuck?

Here are some add-ons you can select to take things to the next level:

Monthly Coaching Calls

You can participate in exclusive live coaching calls. We'll all get on a conference call and get your questions answered. Not only that, but you'll be able to listen to other students' questions and learn from their experiences too. These calls take place every month.

If you can’t make one of the monthly calls, don’t fret as you'll also have access to our audio library with recordings of all the coaching calls. So if you miss one or if you just want to go back and listen to it again, you'll be able to do that whenever you want.

Exclusive List of Private Lenders

Through the Private Money Mastery program, you can receive a membership to an exclusive network of private lenders from across the country. This will give you immediate access to private lenders who are looking to loan funds.

—Stephen Latham, Real Estate Investor

The training opened my eyes to the fact that something like private money even existed. Not only do people have money who are willing to use it, but it was amazing to me that I could come in as an investor, make connections and relationships, and people would come forward and say, “Yes, we want to invest with you”. After beginning the training and using the tools you give in the program, I was able to close 7 deals in my first year of real estate investing, all with private money.

Private Money Mastery Course Benefits Summary
The A–Z private money video lessons ($499 value)
The testing suite to test your private money mastery and give you the confidence to start working with private lenders ($59.99 value)
Transcripts of all of the videos ($120 value)
All of the documents and materials you can use to help establish your business ($199 value)
The credibility kit template to win over private lenders even if you're doing your first deal ($49.99 value)
Monthly coaching calls add-on ($350/month value)
Instant access to an exclusive list of private money lenders and email updates ($497 value)
Becoming a certified Private Money Master (priceless)

That comes out to over $1,774 in value from the start!

Our Double Your Money Back Guarantee

We believe in the Private Money Mastery program so much that we don’t want there to be any doubts at all in your mind. That’s why we’re offering you our double your money back guarantee.

Here’s how it works. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with Private Money Mastery in your first 30 days, you can get a complete refund with zero questions asked.

Beyond your initial guarantee, if during the next full year you fail to fund your deals after implementing what I’ve taught you, I will give you a full refund. Plus, I’ll pay you $197 out of my own pocket to work with you directly until you have the funding you need to succeed.


Hi, my name is Jerry and within 4-5 weeks after joining Brant’s program, I closed on a deal. I raised $260,000. Finding private money isn’t as difficult as people think it is. My advice? Just do it.

—Chris Schmidt, Real Estate Investor

The training was extremely helpful and well worth the cost. The value I received from the program and the information you made available was basically priceless. Not only can I take on more deals, but using private money directly affects my bottom line. It was eye opening to see how easy it was, but it would have been impossible for me without access to the information you provided.

I hope to have you as one of my students.

To your financial freedom,
Brant Phillips