Open Checkbook Funding


All the Cheap Money You’ll Ever Need to Close Real Estate Deals For The Rest of Your Investing Career!

If you'd like to do real estate investing without spending any of your own money to do deals, then this letter is for you. You're about to see how to have a cash-rich OPEN CHECKBOOK handed to you to buy as many investment deals as you want.

As you probably already know, the biggest challenge in real estate investing is having the money to buy real estate deals.

So if you:

  • Lack capital for your deals
  • Experience bad credit or no credit
  • Can't get banks to finance you
  • Hate the thought of giving all your profit away to hard money
  • Have ZERO experience in Real Estate Investing
  • Or Simply have avoided getting started in real estate investing because you’re uncertain where the money will come from to fund your deals...

You will uncover how you can get 100% of the money needed to close ALL your real estate deals. Even if you have ZERO experience in real estate today. Here’s proof:

Ryan Morehead

I watched all the videos from home, and after 2 or 3 months I was able to close on my first deal without using any of my own money. The investor lent 75% on the deal with 10% interest only with 5-year balloon payment. I made $2,000 at closing after fees and rehab, and I’ll make over $300 a month in cash flow with the property as a rental.

Brant Phillips here. I’ve uncovered a way for you to access millions of dollars in cash to buy investment real estate. Since stumbling upon this secret I’ve bought hundreds of properties without credit, without banks, and without using my own money.

And you can use this to buy hundreds of properties too.

Brant Phillips

Here, take a look at some recent properties I closed using this private cash access:

La Entrada

Purchase Price: $96,000
Repair Cost: $19,000
ARV: $159,000
Amount borrowed: $115,000
Terms of the loan: 8% + 1 point

Profit: $31,541

Found this property through a motivated seller who was marketing the home through flyers. This cheap flip capital came in at 8% + 1 point.


This was a 4plex rental property I bought from an investor. The private capital terms were 5% Interest, zero points. There was zero credit check and zero out of pocket costs. It cash-flowed about $600 a month and I sold it exactly 1 year later.

Purchase Price: $145,000
Repair Cost: $0
ARV: $175,000
Amount borrowed: $145,000
Terms of the loan: 5%

Profit: $21,271

Rain Barrel

Purchase Price: $139,900
Repair Cost: $50,611
ARV: $249,000
Amount borrowed: $190,511
Terms of the loan: 10% + 1 point

Profit: $29,397

This deal came from a Wholesaler. Purchased: January / Sold in July.

Would you like to see profits like these in YOUR bank account

With ALL the cash you'll ever need handed to you, do you believe you can close real estate deals?

YES! Of Course You Can.

Like I said,

It's Easy to Close Deals When You Have Money To BUY!

It doesn't matter how great the deal is, if you don't have the money to buy it you're not gonna profit. However, when you have piles of cash, it makes your success easier.

Perhaps you believe you've tried everything to get your deals funded... I know I did at one time myself...

So here is my story...

I wasn't always a successful real estate investor. In fact, far from it...

I was in law enforcement for 7 years. And I really enjoyed it for the first 5 years.

But I got burned out. I started having to deal with a lot of politics, had my first child, and worked so hard I rarely saw my family.

I had to do something.

My wife said "go into sales". And lo and behold...I went into sales.

It was for a Fortune 500 company. But my first day I had to wear a tie.

I hate ties!

It was a dry, hot, day. The sun was burning down and here I am rushing into work sweating like a Greco-Roman wrestler in a sauna.

I was uncomfortable having to wear long sleeve shirts and ties to go to work. The tie made me feel like someone else's puppet. Someone they could pull strings on to make dance at their will.

Look, I'd NEVER been anyone's puppet. But I had no choice. I was employed by a big corporation, and they didn't let me choose a lot of things, including what to wear.

I was put in a cubicle and felt isolated from the world. I had just left law enforcement and now felt like like I was in prison in that cubicle. Every day was the same. I would wake up, go to work, then go back home feeling exhausted, pulling 10-12 hours days.

For what? To be TOLD what to do! And create TPS Reports...

The Loss of My Freedom Sickened Me

I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I felt as if I wasn't living my life.

I gained weight, my health deteriorated, and my relationship took a big hit. My wife and I started fighting and our marriage was in jeopardy. I felt numb and cold inside.

Now, you probably already know that Albert Einstein once said...

Albert Einstein

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Does that ring a bell?

I wanted financial independence and to be able to set my own hours as well as simply being allowed to dress myself how I choose.

I realized working for the man wasn't going to provide the life and lifestyle I truly wanted. Something had to change.

I took action. And made a decision, just like you're about to do today. I decided to make a change that would affect my life forever.

I wanted what most people want:

  • To do something I enjoy.
  • To do something that gives me the independence to call the shots and live my life the way I want.
  • And to create wealth.

The corporate world provided none of those things.

But real estate investing provided all of them.

This had been proven over and over again in the course of history. Most millionaires made their fortunes in real estate or regularly investing in real estate. If it was good enough for them, then it was good enough for me.

The catch is that I had zero experience in real estate investing.


But, I was motivated!

I never wanted to sit in a depressing cubicle, answer to a terrible boss, or wear a tie ever again. So I learned all I could about real estate while planning my escape hatch to freedom.

I finally bought my first property, which I did with a credit card because I had no cash. (I do NOT recommend you do that).

Then I bought my next 10 houses with hard money, and refinanced them with big banks.

But Then I Hit a Wall... I Ran Into The BIG Problem

Banks capped me out. They denied me any more lending. They wouldn't allow me to own any more property because they didn't feel comfortable lending any more.

So what do you do when you can't get money from banks any longer? And truthfully, I was lucky because I had decent credit. What do you do when your credit is bad and you don't have cash either?

This Exact Problem Led Me To Stumble Upon THE Financial Secret That Propelled Me To Serious Success with Real Estate Investing

And this financial secret continues to propel people I've revealed it to into financial independence along with the ability to retire early.

And when I uncovered the secret I will share with you here today I was able to leave my corporate job and finally be financial sovereign.

Once I learned this secret, it created a massive breakthrough.

I Went On To Buy 61 Houses In a Five Year Period

I became the proverbial rags to riches story. And, that's exactly why I'm sharing all of this. I know you're like me—you have the drive, you have commitment, and you just need to know the path to get there. And you will see here today. But, Please remember...

Despite my success today when it comes to real estate investing and having an open checkbook to buy properties with millions of dollars available to me, I'm absolutely no different than you...

I'm just a guy who stumbled upon a really effective strategy.

This strategy enables you to:

  • Finally earn the financial wealth you desire, and gain the respect you deserve
  • Achieve the freedom of investing in real estate without worrying about how your deals will be funded, (even if you've been turned down for hard money loans)
  • Laugh at the mortgage cap imposed by the FED and remove all limitations on how many loans you can get
  • Buy and profit from rentals that won't qualify for a mortgage
  • Reduce the rate on an existing mortgage
  • Escape job slavery
  • End working way too much with far too little appreciation of your efforts

Now create the freedom you've dreamed of by running a smooth real estate investing business that brings you big checks each month.

PLUS, With this system, you'll be able to...

  • Walk away with $15,000+ in cash when you BUY a property
  • Make ZERO payments while you rehab a property
  • And unlock the secret that will make you an extra $6,000 or more per deal

It's like opening the door wide open to what you can do with your real estate investing business.

Hell, it's like tearing the door down, it's so powerful!

Why Do I Focus My System on Funding?

I focus on funding because it is the most difficult resource for real estate investors to get their hands on.

In my experience, it's the #1 obstacle real estate investors encounter.

On the other hand, when you have an open CHECKBOOK of CASH to buy with, your investing dreams quickly become reality.

As a matter of fact, Robert Kiyosaki says that the ability to raise capital is the #1 skill of an entrepreneur. So let's face it, if you can't raise money, you won't last long in this business.

So Here's Where The Real Money Is...

Private Money

This is the System I've used to buy hundreds of properties with unlimited private money.

Here, take a look at a couple more deals that have been done with private money and the open checkbooks you're now learning about.

Gold Creek

Purchase Price: $90,000
Repair Cost: $4,500
ARV: $129,000
Amount borrowed: $94,500
Terms of the loan: 10% + 1 point

Profit: $23,348

This home was bought from a Wholesaler. We did very little repairs. Purchased: March / Sold in July.


This deal came from sending a simple postcard to the homeowner. It was a Basic 'bread & butter' rehab. Paint, Flooring, Countertops. Simple and netted almost $30,000.

Purchase Price: $65,000
Repair Cost: $15,455
ARV: $117,000
Amount borrowed: $80,455
Terms of the loan: 8% + 1 point

Profit: $29,879


Purchase Price: $85,000
Repair Cost: $37,000
ARV: $160,000
Amount borrowed: $122,000
Terms of the loan: 10%

Profit: $32,247

This deal came from a motivated seller. Needed several repairs but was a good purchase price at $85,000.

Are You Starting To See How Private Money Can Be YOUR Open Checkbook to Financial Freedom?

Private money funding systems are what created my success, and will allow you to experience financial independence and freedom for yourself!

  • Even if you've never done a deal
  • Even if you have bad credit
  • Even if you have zero experience in real estate
  • Even if you're cash strapped and working hard to just make ends meet

When you use PRIVATE Money as I'm going to teach you, you'll have other people's cash-rich checkbooks opened to you to use at your discretion.

This gives you access to all the money you'll ever need to do as many deals as you choose. Plus, when you do this the way I show, private money people will pay for all the repairs and even allow you to walk away from the closing table with cash in your pocket when you BUY a deal.

How's that for a deal?!!

Think about it. Have you ever bought a property with no money down and walked away from the table with cash in your pocket?

Ryan Morehead did, on his VERY FIRST real estate deal ever. With ZERO experience he left the closing table with all the repairs money in hand and about $2,000 pocket cash to boot.

And other students of mine have done it as well.

Look, if you are one of the MILLIONS who have fallen victim to the lie that you need money or credit to buy real estate, then you need to decide now to accept the truth because:

  • If you don't, you will be forced to fail, because banks will refuse to fund your deals.
  • You'll struggle to secure and pay for expensive hard money loans, leaving barely any profits for you.
  • And you'll give up on the dream of becoming a real estate investor and resign yourself to working until you die...

The TRUTH is there are millions of dollars of private money floating around right now. All you need is to know how to tap into it, which I will show you.

The main problem most people with available investment funds face these days is finding good, trustworthy people to invest with, and still earn a decent rate of return.

That's Why The Focus Is On Developing Win-Win Relationships

If you can talk with private money people with the mindset that you're offering them an opportunity, never asking for money, it will be the most powerful and effective way for you to gain the trust and loyalty of cash-rich private lenders without relying on your credit score or past experience.

The best part? I've never borrowed just once from someone. All my private lenders have gone on to fund multiple deals of mine. That's the best validation that I'm treating their money right.

They also refer new investors to me because they enjoy it so much. And private investors will refer other private investors to you too when you do what I teach you.

Soon the toughest problem you'll encounter is having more money available to you than you can spend. I'll tell ya, its tough telling someone that they need to wait because you just don't have a deal for them right yet.

It Literally Causes Private Money People To Chase You To Put Money Into Your Deals

That's what I call EASY funding!

And the best part is Private Money Funding works even if you've:

  • Never done a deal before
  • Have bad credit
  • Or are struggling financially

Getting your very first private lender is simply a matter of following the steps I've laid out for you. And remember, once 1 checkbook opens up to you more will follow. And when you follow the systems I teach you, it will all happen pretty fast.

Once I established a pipeline of regular private money lenders, my real estate investing business skyrocketed. Here is another small sample of deals I recently funded using private money...



This deal came from a lead I met at a networking event. This was a complete rehab: foundation, new roof, AC & everything else. Paint, flooring, countertops.

One thing I want to point out is that YES, that math is correct. We borrowed more than the purchase price and repair cost, and YES, it’s possible to get CASH back at closing. I do it all the time.

And oh, by the way? We typically get all the money for the rehab up front. No repair draws.

Purchase Price: $51,500
Repair Cost: $47,000
ARV: $155,093
Amount borrowed: $100,000
Terms of the loan: 10% and 1 point. The loan was for 1 year. We purchased in March and sold in September.

Profit: $36,266

Valley View

Purchase Price: $95,000
Repair Cost: $108,000
ARV: $285,000
Amount borrowed: $190,000
Terms of the loan: 10% and 2 points for one year. The loan was for 1 year. We purchased in September and sold in March.

Profit: $55,567
Valley View

This deal came from an agent. So we had no marketing costs or assignment fee, but we paid the agent 3% to list it when we sold it, where we usually flat fee list or list ourselves. This was a complete Rehab: Foundation, New roof, AC & everything else Paint, Flooring, Countertops.

Deer Branch

This was a rental property I bought from a wholesaler. I had the same tenant living there for 8 years, so I kept it as a rental then I sold. This was originally financed in hard money, 12%; but then we refinanced to 6%.

It cash-flowed about $200 for 7.5 years. When I sold it, it I owed less than $120,000, so it was essentially a $100k deal.

Purchase Price: $115,000
Repair Cost: $25,000
ARV: $235,000
Amount borrowed: $140,000
Terms of the loan: Originally financed with hard money for 12%, but then refinanced to a 6% loan about 1 year later.

Profit: $100,000

How Would You Like to Make $100,000 on Your Next Real Estate Deal?

What would $100,000 do for you right now? Would it pay off debt? Get you ahead? Improve your quality of life?

$100,000 profit is a serious step forward financially.

At the same time, $55,567 and $36,266 aren't small amounts either. For some, those are yearly incomes.

Imagine putting deposits like these into your bank account every month. How would that make you feel?

And if you think putting profits like this in your bank account every month is hogwash, think again.

Once I uncovered how to access millions in private money, I closed 61 deals with profits like these in 5 years. That's 61 deals in 60 months.

It works!

That is why I've become so passionate about using Private Money to fund deals. So much so that I decided to put all my experience into a system that will show you everything that I do with my private lenders.


Private Money Mastery

This is the same system I created to train my staff and students on how to secure private money for their own deals. The same system I STILL use to this day to find private money lenders.

Private Money Mastery will take you step-by-step on how to find and develop relationships with private money lenders. It will teach you what you need to know to be successful, and what you need to know to stay out of trouble. I'll show you the systems AND documents I still use today with my private money lenders.

In short, I will teach you how to raise Private Money and will guarantee your success getting funded when you do private money the way I show you.

The information I'm sharing with you took over 10 years of trial and error, so you are getting only time-tested, fool-proof, top of the line strategy.

You'll get video lessons from me, going step-by-step into how to access private money lenders TODAY. We'll cover this process from A-Z, from how to identify and approach private lenders, through relationship-building, to contracts and closings and working with your lenders to get them to re-invest with you. Altogether, there are 20 lesson modules covering EVERYTHING you need to know to make private money work for you.

Here is just some of what we will cover:

  1. Financing Overview: You'll get an overview of financing options for real estate investors. If you don't have financing—you can't do the deal. BUT not having money is not a valid excuse to not get started. We'll lay out the options available to you and help you pick the best strategy for your reality today and align it with your goals.
  2. Private Money Fundamentals: My main goal with this training is to teach you how to attract lenders into your life, and teach you the A to Z of private money so you can avoid mistakes before you consider connecting with private lenders. Private lending is based on building a relationship with trust—and I'm going to help you attract lenders and close the deal with them.
  3. Where to Find Private Money: Private money lenders are hiding in plain sight. In this section, I'll show you how to find them and how to engage in a conversation with them. Plus, I'll even show you how to tap into private lenders with cash to spend who have already raised their hands asking for deals to fund.
  4. The Pitch and The Rules: Not everyone is going to be your ideal lender, and it's ok to say “no” to lenders who aren't a good fit. I'll show you what questions to ask, what to include in your pitch to get the conversation going. Follow this and you'll soon have more money available than you can spend because you'll see how to get private lenders to practically beg you to take their money.
  5. The Process, Credibility & Opportunity: There's a lot you need to know about what you can and can't do when talking to and marketing for private money lenders. The biggest tip? DON'T ask for money. In this section, I'll tell you why. I'll also explain the process for investing in a property when using a private money lender, including the mistake you MUST avoid if you want to live to see your next deal.

And much, much more...

You'll also get the documents you'll need to present and close deals to private lenders, including the credibility kit, which is the secret weapon helping you to gain the trust of potential lenders.

Don't know what to say to private money lenders? I'll give you scripts to get the conversation going. Follow up with lenders via email using my follow-up templates. These are super helpful especially in the beginning when you're not sure how to approach lenders or confident enough to answer their questions. Just get familiar with these and you'll be good to go.

Remember what I said about educating the lenders? Want to show them how much money they will earn on the deal? Use the return calculator provided for you to show them how much they will earn by investing in your deal. This is a great way to seal the deal with any lender you're talking to. Once they see what they're bound to make, they'll listen to you and fund you.

You'll also get my 90-day success plan so that you know exactly what you should be doing each day to get your next deal funded. This is a step-by-step guide to success. We've figured out the formula to success for you, now all you have to do is follow it.

That Means This System Is The Bridge Between Where You Are Today and Having An Open Checkbook To Buy As Many Real Estate Deals As You Want For The Rest of Your Life.

And remember I said this was for serious investors only? Here's why:

After each lesson, we're going to quiz you and make sure you learned everything you need to get out there and woo private lenders. This will give you the confidence you need to pursue and talk to private lenders.

After you complete all lessons, you'll become a certified Private Money Master. Add this certificate to your credibility kit and use it to impress your private lenders even more.

You may be saying: Brant, that's all great so far. But what if I have have additional questions or get stuck?

Great question, and I got you covered.

For a limited time—and this is only going to be available to select students, so here's your warning to take ACTION fast—you'll be invited to exclusive live coaching calls. We'll all get on a conference call and get your questions answered. Not only that, but you'll be able to listen to other students' questions and learn from their experiences too.

We hold these calls monthly, so you'll receive the invitation to your first one as soon as you become a student.

And that's not all, you'll not only be invited to the live calls, but you'll also have access to our audio library with recordings of all the coaching calls. So if you miss one or if you just want to go back and listen to it again, you'll be able to do that whenever you want. This is a great way to stay current and keep your education going… It's like having free access to a personal coach guiding you to financial success.

And one more thing

Remember how I said I would teach you how to become part of a network of investors that will fund your deals so you'll never have to pass on a deal for lack of funds EVER again?

Here Is Where You'll Immediately Access Cash-Rich Open Checkbooks To Fund Your Deals:

For a limited time, as a new student, you will also receive a membership to an exclusive network of Private Lenders from all over the country.

This means you'll walk away not only with the know-how and tools to make private money your primary source of funding, but also have immediate access to private lenders who are looking to loan funds to people like you right now!

These are private individuals who have ASKED to be contacted by real estate investors with deals in need of funding.

That means, with your membership today, you'll have access to the full list of active private lenders looking to fund deals right now.

These are cash-rich open checkbooks eagerly looking to spend money! It can't be made any easier for you to get an open checkbook for you to buy as many real estate deals as you want.

Plus, you will receive information about new lenders who are added to the list in real time, so you have a constant flow of private lender leads you can do business with.

I don't think I can make this any more of a no-brainer... Private Money Mastery is a proven system that will TRANSFORM the way you think about funding your next deal. Listen to what Stephen Latham, one of my students shared with me:

- Stephen Latham, Real Estate Investor

The training opened my eyes to the fact that something like private money even existed. Not only do people have money who are willing to use it, but it was amazing to me that I could come in as an investor, make connections and relationships, and people would come forward and say, “Yes, we want to invest with you”. After beginning the training and using the tools you give in the program, I was able to close 7 deals in my first year of real estate investing, all with private money.

I really want to help you like I helped these students. And I want you to be where I am today, faster than it took me to get there. Believe me,

Private Money Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your Real Estate Investing Operation

So before this offer is taken down, for a limited time, when you buy Private Money Mastery you get...

  1. The A-Z Private Money Video lessons... A $499 Value
  2. The testing suite to test your private money knowledge and give you the confidence to start working with private lenders... A $59.99 Value
  3. Transcripts of all the videos... A $120 Value
  4. All of the documents and materials you can use to help establish your business... A $199 Value
  5. The credibility kit template to win over private lenders even if you’re doing your very first deal... A $49.99 Value
  6. PLUS Monthly coaching calls... A $350/month Value
  7. PLUS Instant free access to our exclusive list of cash rich private lenders looking for deals to fund TODAY... AND new lender leads sent to your inbox as they become available... A $497 Value
  8. PLUS You become a certified Private Money Master...A skill you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

Over $1,873 in value.

Now, lemme ask you something.

If all Private Money Mastery does for you is help you close 2 additional deals a year, would it be worth $1,873?

If all Private Money Mastery does for you is help you close 1 single deal in the next 12 months, would it be worth it?

Seriously, what we are talking about is a solution that will fund literally HUNDREDS of real estate deals for you. This is THE solution to fund the rest of your real estate investing deals for the rest of your life. How much is that truly worth to you?

Do you realize Private Money Mastery is easily worth $997?

Can you see why it would be a steal at only $697?

I can see why you’d think that! I’ve packed this system with so much tangible profit-generating value that I could charge $697 for it and it would still be a bargain.

In fact, I charge way more than that for only 1 hour of coaching time...

But that’s not what it’s going to cost you today.

You will get all the content and all the systems + all the bonuses we talked about...

And before this offer is taken down, you can get everything for only $197

That’s it. $197 dollars and you get what’s taken me over 10 years to master. The solutions to fund ALL of your real estate deals for the rest of your life. That’s a bargain if I’ve ever seen one.

Click below now. You will be taken to an ordering area. Enter your details and you will be given immediate access to Private Money Mastery.

You are only moments away from unlocking the private money vault and funding all of your real estate deals for the rest of your career.

Click below now and let’s get started.

You're Only 1 Move From Success

Realize when you connect with one private lender and fund one deal using the information I’ll share with you and Private Money Mastery more than pays for itself.

Plus, I’ve taken ALL the risk because Private Money Mastery comes with a DOUBLE Your MONEY BACK Guarantee.

Here’s how it works. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with Private Money Mastery in your first 30 days, you can get a complete refund with zero questions asked.

And, you get a much stronger guarantee as well where I put my money where my mouth is.

When you try the Private Money Mastery training today and implement what I teach you to do I offer you a DOUBLE your money back guarantee.

That means, if during the next FULL YEAR you fail to fund your deals after implementing what I’ve taught you, I will give you a full refund. Plus, I will pay you an additional $197 out of my own pocket or work with you directly until you have the funding you need to succeed.

So you’ve got to actually do something and when you put in the effort you are 100% guaranteed to succeed. You will have the capital you need to get your deals done using what I teach you or you will get double your money back.

Just listen to what Chris and Jerry had to say about the value they received from the training:


Hi, my name is Jerry and within 4-5 weeks after joining Brant’s program, I closed on a deal. I raised $260,000. Finding private money isn’t as difficult as people think it is. My advice? Just do it.

- Chris Schmidt, Real Estate Investor

The training was extremely helpful and well worth the cost. The value I received from the program and the information you made available was basically priceless. Not only can I take on more deals, but using private money directly affects my bottom line. It was eye opening to see how easy it was, but it would have been impossible for me without access to the information you provided.

Get Private Money Mastery here, and we’ll get to work on creating a business that works for you immediately.

You'll Have Instant Access To All The Training So You Can Unleash The Power of Private Money Starting Today

Get a new mindset and find out what you’ve been missing.

STOP failing because you think you need good credit, experience or your own money to succeed.

STOP feeling like you have to beg for money for your deals.

STOP letting fear or lack of confidence get in your way of closing all the deals you want to do

SUCCESS succeeding with the open checkbooks you need to achieve your financial independence

SUCCESS meeting the private people who CAN and WILL spend their money funding your deals so you achieve real SUCCESS

SUCCESS doing as many real estate investing deals as you want using private money

Ready to get started?

Click below and try out Private Money Mastery NOW.

You have everything to gain because I have taken all the risk. It works for you or you get double your money back.

That means when you sign up for Private Money Mastery now you will succeed using what I show you or I will pay you. Click below and get started now.

Are You Still Not Sure?

I hate to break it to you, but if you’re still not sure then you are probably not very serious about changing your future.

You probably want to remain being told what to do by others or having a boss who can press their thumb down on you whenever they want. You probably enjoy being told when you show up to work and when you can leave. Maybe you like working to make other peoples dreams come true instead of your own.

Look, Real Estate isn’t rocket science. It's a matter of having the money to get deals and I’m offering to teach you how to have an open checkbook with as much capital as you want for funding all your real estate deals for the rest of your life.

I’m only offering to break you free of job enslavement. You now have in front of you an opportunity to realize your financial independence with what I show you. You can stick your head in the sand and be passed by or you can click below and get started now to finally make all your dreams come true.

I’ve bought houses on credit cards before when I didn’t have a dime to my name because I was desperately looking for a better future and was willing to do whatever it took to make it happen.

So if you’re not willing to pay $197 to change your future, then you just don’t want it bad enough.

Register for Private Money Mastery today. It’ll take you to our registration page where you’ll be able to gain immediate access to the video lessons plus all the bonuses we talked about.

And remember, this offer won’t be up much longer because it’s available for only a short time, so when you register today you’ll get:

  • 20 Step-By-Step Private Money Raising Video Modules
  • Quizzes Making Sure You Know What To Do
  • Transcripts Of Every Video Module
  • Private Money Master Certificate
  • Documents You’ll Need For Raising Capital
  • Credibility Kit To Win Over Private Capital Quickly
  • Scripts Giving You Direction and Focus
  • Return Calculator That Helps Seal Every Deal
  • 90-day Goal Plan For Your Success
  • Live Coaching Calls To Help You Raise Private Money
  • Knowledge Library of Archived Coaching Calls
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