Investors, Learn How to Raise Private Money for Your Deals

Are you hitting a wall with your real estate investing? Funding is the #1 obstacle investors face on their path to success. Master the art of raising money, eliminate your dependency on banks and hard money lenders for good, and build relationships with private lenders to get 100% of your deals funded.

Become a Private Money Master

Everything You Need to Start Raising Capital and Have Private Lenders Begging You To Take Their Money

Real World Training

Private money is the most powerful way to finance your real estate investment deals without relying on banks and hard money lenders. Get the video lessons with the A-Z of private lending and learn the complete strategy to attract private lenders and have unlimited access to funds.

Complete Toolkit

It's not good enough to know your stuff. You'll also get the documents, calculators and resources you'll need to make a powerful first impression, evaluate deals, and gain the trust and loyalty of cash-rich private lenders without relying on your credit score or past experience.

Protect Yourself

Raising private money is the best funding strategy available to investors, but it doesn’t come without risks. Learn how to position yourself, what regulations are important to know, and time-tested tips and tricks to avoid pitfalls and keep your private lenders happy and your business thriving.

Coaching and Ongoing Support

As if learning everything you need to know to make private money your primary funding strategy was't enough, you'll also receive live training from your coach and get your questions answered on the spot, so that nothing stands in the way between you and your next deal.

Funding Problems Solved

Are you frustrated that there’s so much opportunity in real estate, but so few options for financing?

Real estate investing shouldn't be about the money. It should be about transforming your life for the better.

But so many investors get bogged down trying to scrounge up cash to do their first deal or qualify for a bank loan, they don't even get to experience the adrenaline rush that is cashing the check from closing on a deal.

The reality is that access to funds can make or break you as a real estate investor. And traditional bank or hard money financing options are either too expensive or not the right fit for most investors.

Good news is you don’t have to let any more deals slip out of your fingers because you can't afford to buy them.

Two words can change your life forever: private money.

With private money, you can create win-win opportunities for both you and private lenders and get 100% of your deals funded.

Private Money Mastery is a comprehensive system that teaches you everything you need to know about private money: what it is, how to raise it, where to find private lenders, how to approach them, and how to get your private lenders to re-invest their money in your deals so you never run out of funds or have to depend on a bank ever again.

You'll learn the same strategy that investors all over the country have used to raise tens of millions of dollars to close on hundreds of deals. It's the strategy you'll use to finally jumpstart your real estate investing dreams and start doing deals...

...So you can stop worrying about the money you need to raise and start focusing on the goals you want to achieve.

Brant Phillips here. I’ve uncovered a way for you to access millions of dollars in cash to buy investment real estate. Since stumbling upon this secret I’ve bought hundreds of properties without credit, without banks, and without using my own money.

And you can use this to buy hundreds of properties too.

Brant Phillips

Here, take a look at some recent properties I closed using this private cash access:

The Easiest Way to Learn

On-demand video lessons make it easy and fun to gain the knowledge you need to start using private money immediately. To make it even easier, we've broken down the training into sections dealing with key aspects of the private money mastery journey:

  1. Financing Overview

    Real estate investing doesn’t happen without financing. Investors need financing to get deals and build their business, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Find out the biggest problem with using only hard money and bank financing, and exactly how you can avoid it.

  2. An Introduction to Private Money

    Private money lending is all about relationships. To build a relationship you must first know what type of individuals lend money and what their expectations are of you the borrower. Discover the benefits of using private money and why your credit score doesn’t matter with this type of loan.

  3. Where to Find Private Money

    If you don’t know where to look for private money, you will never find it. Discover the first place to look for potential lenders as well as the networking opportunities you’ve probably never thought of. Get clarity on what exactly makes someone a good private money lender and why you always need to follow the Rule of One.

  4. The Pitch and the Rules

    As an investor, you don’t want to work with just any lender. Create standards and determine what an ideal lender means for you. As an investor seeking private money lenders, you must be comfortable with your pitch. Discover the ONE question you must be prepared to answer when meeting with potential lenders and the main goal of your pitch.

  5. The Process, Credibility & Opportunity

    Be prepared when you speak with potential lenders. Find out exactly what makes you credible as an investor, and what you need to do to increase your credibility. This will make you more desirable to potential private money lenders. Discover the step-by-step process for investing in a property with a private lender.

  6. How to Protect Yourself

    When you’re working with a private money lender and doing a deal, you want to avoid any legal issues. Find out exactly what the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) is and why you need to be aware of the SEC rules and regulations. Determine whether you qualify for an exemption and if not, the best way to prepare the required forms and paperwork.

Get the knowledge, Become a Certified Private Money Master

In addition to the on-demand video training you'll receive, Private Money Mastery is packed with bonuses to boost your credibility and give you all the tools you need to attract private money with confidence.


Get Certified

After each lesson, quiz your knowledge so you feel confident you learned everything you need to get out there and talk to private lenders. After you complete all lessons, you’ll become a certified Private Money Master. Add this certificate to your credibility kit and use it to impress your private lenders even more.


Documents and Scripts

For a limited time—and this is only going to be available to select students, so here’s your warning to take ACTION fast—you’ll be invited to exclusive live coaching calls, where you'll be able to ask questions and get guidance from you coach. You’ll also get the 90-day action plan so you know exactly what you should be doing each day to get your first or next deal funded.


Reach Goals

For a limited time—and this is only going to be available to select students, so here’s your warning to take ACTION fast—you’ll be invited to exclusive live coaching calls. We’ll all get on a conference call and get your questions answered. You’ll also get my 90-day goal plan so that you know exactly what you should be doing each day to get your next deal funded.

Become a Private Money Master

Ryan Morehead

I watched all the videos from home, and after 2 or 3 months I was able to close on my first deal without using any of my own money. The investor lent 75% on the deal with 10% interest only with 5-year balloon payment. I made $2,000 at closing after fees and rehab, and I’ll make over $300 a month in cash flow with the property as a rental.

Stephen Latham

First and foremost, Brant’s training opened my eyes to the fact that something like private money even existed. It was a completely new concept for me. Not only do people have money who are willing to use it, but it was amazing to me that I could come in as a home investor, make connections and relationships, and people would come forward and say, “Yes, we want to invest with you”. After beginning the training and using the tools Brant gives in the program, I was able to close 5 deals in my first year of real estate investing. I’ve used hard money before, and private money is definitely a better deal. I can make the lender happy, but at the same time, there are less hoops to jump through and I ultimately make more money. It’s a win-win both for myself and the private lenders I’ve worked with.

Chris Schmidt

The training was extremely helpful and well worth the cost. The value I received from the program and the information Brant made available was basically priceless. I was able to get away from hard money costs, paying points and interest—and I got into this new world of private money, which gave me more flexibility. Not only can I take on more deals, but using private money directly affects my bottom line. It was eye opening to see how easy it was, but it would have been impossible for me without access to the information Brant provided. Before I went through the training, I was doing about 1 deal every 2-3 months. Since the training, I’ve bought a couple small apartments, and a few flips. I work full time at another job, but I’m able to do at least 1 deal a month—3 or 4 times what I was doing before.

Real estate has allowed me to break free of the job I hated and schedule that dictated how I spent my days. And access to private money was a game changer for me...but I've cultivated enough private lending partners to last a lifetime. I don't need any more private money! The rest can be yours...

This private money training system is affordable enough that ANYONE who has a desire to drastically change their future for the better will have that opportunity if they so choose.